Mikki Gasperi

Tax Specialist

  • Convenience:  After our initial meeting, any missing documentation can be scanned and exchanged through my SecureFilePro secured website. The next time we meet in person you'll be signing your returns.
  • Knowledge and Compliance:  I'm listed in the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers by fulfilling yearly continuing education requirements to stay current on changes to Federal and State tax laws, regulations, and requirements. There are no educational requirements to prepare taxes in the state of Arizona or Iowa so pick your tax preparer wisely.

Accepting new clients in AZ

Tax Preparation Services Done Right!

AccuTax of Arizona (previously AccuTax of Iowa) has been providing tax preparation services for over 14 years. My mission is to provide exceptional tax preparation services at affordable prices. Whether you're filing a personal return (Federal Form 1040) or small business return as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Qualified Joint Venture (Federal Form 1040 Schedule C), or have rental property (Federal Form 1040 Schedule E) I'll use my 14+ years of comprehensive tax preparation experience, yearly continuing education and up-to-date tax law knowledge to ensure you don't overpay your taxes.

Taking the time to listen and ask questions is essential for preparing accurate and complete returns. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked when you work with tax preparation businesses that focus more on the quantity of tax returns they prepare rather than the quality. At AccuTax of Arizona, I take the time necessary to ensure I don't miss any adjustments, credits, or deductions so I can get you back every penny you deserve.

  • Credentialed Tax Return Preparer:  I'm a Registered Tax Return Preparer and an IRS Annual Filing Season Plan participant. Ask your tax preparer about their qualifications before you hand over your documents.

Why Choose AccuTax of Arizona to Prepare Your Taxes?

  • Integrity:  I'm very passionate about making sure you don't overpay your taxes. You work hard for your money. My goal is to make sure you keep as much of it as legally possible while being ethical and honest in the process.

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